Easy Decorating Themes from Nature

nature themeI recently read an article about choosing an interior color scheme for your home by taking a cue from Nature. It made a lot of sense and seemed very easy. Basically, you would choose a floor color that would be the darkest tone of the room. The floor would represent the ground. Next, the walls would be a mid-tone, and finally the ceiling would be lightest of all, representing the sky. You could then choose highlight colors found in nature or your favorite color as room accents. I thought about nature’s color schemes, and I came up with some color palettes of my own….I hope you like them!

Beach Theme  If you like the beach and want your home to have that beachy feel all the time, you can try a beachy color palette. You can have a “sandy” flooring color in tile, wood or carpet. A natural look works best here. The walls could be a seafoam green or pale blue or any “sea glass” color. Trim and ceiling can be a fresh clean white. Use accents in sunny colors like yellow and orange or maybe a deep cobalt blue. Keep it light and airy. Can you feel the waves and hear the surf?

Desert Theme  I think a desert theme can be very exciting. You can use any earthy slate flooring or a dark terra cotta color tile or dark weathered wood flooring to set the stage. The walls can be the same earthy color to match the flooring but in a lighter shade. Ceiling can be a lighter shade of the wall color or a clean warm white. Or you can opt for a warm white wall and ceiling color to really highlight the flooring, your furniture and art. Use accents in a mix of earthy colors and geometric and/or nature patterns. Potted plants like succulents would be great. Perhaps add a water feature as a focal point. Pottery would make lovely decorator pieces.

Earthy Theme  You don’t have to have wood paneling or stone floors, but you can take a cue from these tones and textures if you want a homey earthy vibe. A natural warm color and texture on the floor like bamboo or natural stone or an earthy colored textured carpet would be lovely. Any earth color on the wall like a sunny tan or muted rust or sage green would be ideal and would make the room feel warm and inviting. Accent your rooms with other earthy colors and sky blues and wood furniture. Plants are a natural choice to bring the outdoors in. This look can be rustic or clean and contemporary.

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