The Home Buying Party Continues Here in Orange County!

Happy Home BuyersIf you have been sitting on the fence waiting for the right time to purchase, then you should have jumped off a couple months ago to have purchased at the bottom of the market here in Orange County.  Now everyone is leaping onto the dance floor, and it is getting crowded!

I have once again posted the stats for ALL homes in Orange County, single family homes and condos alike, for all to see. The links are below.

Click here for all active, pending and sold activity for all Orange County homes.

Click here for average price per square foot for all Orange County homes (note the UP trend here).

Click here for stats on average days on market and original sales price vs. actual sold price percentage  (note that homes are selling for closer to original sales price).

Click here for average price for sale and average price sold for all homes in Orange County (both of these are trending UP).

Click here for months of inventory for all Orange County homes.

If you are ready to buy OR sell, now is such a great time to make your move!! call me now!! 949.525.5905

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