See the Potential in a Home

Beautiful KitchenMany buyers have been spoiled by watching home improvement and remodeling shows. They think each home has to have updated baths, granite countertops, travertine shower and tub surrounds, crown molding, etc. in order to be of any worth.  But that home with all these updates may have a lot of road noise, be next to a landfill, is too far from work or some other downside. It may need a new roof or have other serious issues that can be glossed over with paint and new carpet.

Take a good look at the floor plan. Does it meet your space needs? Will it be easy to maintain? How about resale in the future? Is there upside potential? Will it be easy to upgrade? Do you see yourself living there for at least seven years? Is the home close to a place you like to frequent? So many things to look at beyond the gleam of shiny floors and smell of new paint!

See the underlying value of the home and it’s location specific to your needs.  That is when you will be able to truly feel at home!

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