Orange County Market Data Single Family Homes – October 2011

Orange County HomeBelow are links to the current real estate market data for all single family homes in Orange County for the period from November 2010 to the end of October 2011.  Note there has been a significant decline in inventory of over 30% year over year, a big increase in pending sales of 58% year over year and an increase of 6.5% of sold homes year over year. This is setting the stage for a recovery next year in our local real estate market. Demand is still somewhat pent up, and inventory will continue to decline most likely through the end of next February (this is typical). This is a fine time to list your home for sale or at the very least begin considering your options and preparing a game plan to take advantage of these market conditions.

Here is the link that shows all active, pending and sold listings for the past 12 months: graph.

Here is the data for average price per square foot over the past 12 months: graph.

Here is the data for average days on market and original price vs. sold price: graph.

Here is the data for months of inventory based on closed sales: graph.

Please feel free to call or email me for more specific data or if you have any questions: 949.525.5905.

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