Sellers – Your Home Does Not Have to Be “Perfect”

Beautiful KitchenWhen I speak to sellers who are readying their home to market, there are definitely things that can be done to make the home more attractive and ultimately easier to sell, but there is no need for the home to be perfect.

You should fix broken items and perhaps paint a dull room, but there is usually no need to remodel or upgrade significantly. Most sellers have already updated or improved their home is some way or they have a standout feature to make up for the lack of the latest and greatest trend in decorating. No need to install granite or wood flooring in a home with newer carpet. No need to totally update a bathroom if  a new toilet or new faucets will suffice.

Your home may not have granite counter tops in the kitchen or modular storage and epoxy floors in the garage, but perhaps it has a nice view or an open floor plan. Maybe it is close to a desirable school or a popular shopping or entertainment center. All things should be considered when determining how attractive or desirable your home is.

The whole home does not have to be perfect, but most likely it has the perfect view or the perfect layout or the perfect yard size for someone.  These are the items that should be highlighted and marketed. The less than “perfect” features can be either downplayed or mitigated in some way.

Would you like to find your “perfect” home or are you ready to market your home for sale? Call me! 949.525.5905

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