A Good Realtor Can Be a Friend Indeed in Today’s Market

A Friend IndeedFor buyers in today’s real estate market, the terrain can be treacherous, and a knowledgeable real estate agent can be helpful. Short sales and foreclosures make up a good portion of the market requiring experience and diligence and fortitude to work through and eventually make a successful purchase. Even regular sales can be a challenge if repairs are required, multiple offers are on the property or if disclosure items are an issue.

I speak with folks who have made offers on properties through the listing agent, and have experienced poor communication to non-communication and ultimately missed out on the deal. They were not represented properly. They did not have anyone working on their side. In addition, if one tried to find a home just by attending open houses, a buyer will absolutely NOT see all the avaialble homes and will miss out on homes that do not have open houses. Often a decent property will come on the market and go off quickly due to its desirability. The self-serve buyer/shopper will never even have known it was on the market. Or they will find out too late.

In today’s local market where inventory is decreasing and pendings are on the rise, it would behoove a buyer to employ an agent who will sift through the available inventory for them and/or with them and stay abreast of new listings so the buyer will not miss out on the ideal home. A good agent can also succcessfully present an offer that will be accepted by the seller; beneficial in a multiple offer situation. A good agent will also represent you well during the contingency period of the escrow.

So if you have been frustrated trying to buy a home in this market, and want someone else to do the work, give me a call today! 949.525.5905.

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