Building a Relationship

Beautiful PossibilitiesI have blogged before about how real estate is mostly about relationships. I work to listen to you and really hear what you are saying, to try to provide you with what you need and support your goals however I can. I am also honest and truthful even when the news may not be good. I am working to build trust. When you are not happy, then I am not happy, and the relationship will fall apart.
In the end, our goal is the same: the successful sale or purchase of your home. And we can only get there if we work together. To that end, in my book, it’s about you. Your wants. Your needs. Your goals. And most agents are the same.
I would love to get feedback from you all as to what your frustrations may be or have been in the past with agents. Or maybe even some good stories! This will really help me to be a better agent and provide the best service possible. I wonder how many have had the same type of experience?
Hope to get your feedback. Thanks.

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