Time to Get Serious If You Want to Purchase a Home Before End of the Year

Might Be Time to get Off the FenceStill on the fence? Well, I don’t like to push people or tell people what they need to do, and I am not necessarily saying that now. What I AM saying is that with inventory shrinking and likely to continue to shrink for both condos and single family homes here in South Orange County for the next several months, it will most likely be harder to find the right home if you want to close escrow before the end of the year. With a good 25% to 30% of the inventory a short sale or bank-owned, it may be even tougher to 1) find a decent home and then 2) actually close in a reasonable amount of time.

My current buyers are already experiencing difficulty finding a decent home, and in the under-$300,000 range, it is extremely difficult to nearly impossible. All buyers want the same thing: a good deal on an awesome home. When one comes on the market, several offers flood in, and it no longer is a great deal. For buyers out there on their own and not working with a realtor, they will miss out on the deals because they are not made aware of them in time.  On a short sale, the agent may not return their call at all. It is hard work out there right now and a buyer needs a hard-working agent on their side, searching all the homes, sifting through them, separating the good from the bad and then getting an offer accepted. Just ask my buyers! One may have to write several (meaning 5 to 12) before one actually gets accepted and you actually close escrow, especially in the under $500,000 category.

So if you need to close escrow or would like to close before the end of the year, it would be very wise of you to begin the search right now! Call or email me, and I will be happy to send you a list of available properties that meet your criteria. 949.525.5905.

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