Sold in 10 Days! Multiple Offers!

So Pretty!I listed this lovely home, implemented my marketing plan, and within 10 days, we had five offers and opened escrow with the best one. We even received a sixth offer after we opened escrow.  We just closed escrow and my seller is very happy.

Several factors came into play to create this scenario. I had a motivated and realistic seller who allowed me to price the home at market value and allowed me to advertise it the way I suggested and allowed me to hold open houses. He followed my staging advice, too, so it would appeal to the most buyers. The home itself had many upgrades and had a decent view, so it showed very well.

Buyers are looking for decent homes at fair prices. Most have seen dozens of homes, and really know the market and what is available, as do the local area agents. They recognize the jewel of the bunch, and will flock to it. The home needs to stand out in some way; whether it is price, view, location, upgrades, amenities or a combination of these factors.  naturally a lovely home in a good location can command higher offers, but a home with potential can get as much attention if the potential is highlighted and priced to make it worth a buyer’s while to realize that potential.

The buyers are out there! If I had five more properties like that, I could have sold them all.  But each listing, in my opinion, can generate excitement and interest with the right approach! Call me to discuss how we can get your home sold today 949.525.5905.

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