Buyers-Make Sure You Take Advantage of Your Ability to Inspect the Home!

After youHome Inspectionr offer is accepted, the home buyer has time during the contingency part of the escrow period to preform various home inspections. Take advantage of this! While the buyer can’t poke holes in walls and rip up carpets to see what lies beneath, you can hire professionals to perform inspections (they won’t be able to poke holes or rip up carpets either). You can hire a general home inspector and then you can hire professionals to inspect specific aspects of the home such as plumbing, roof, electrical, etc.

The point of the inspections is to insure that you are comfortable with the home purchase and/or to disclose any issues that may affect the material value of the home or make it unusable for your needs. If this is done during the contingency part of escrow and find a real issue, you can cancel, accept as is or try to negotiate a repair or credit from the seller.

Not only should you do physical inspections, you should also make sure you review all HOA documents and other available disclosures. You are the buyer and are ultimately responsible for your home purchase, so make sure you satisfy yourself and ask questions and get as much information as possible from the appropriate professionals.

As your realtor, I can guide you and provide as much information a possible, but in the end, the decision is yours! You will be the one living in the home and paying for it, so PLEASE inspect your new purchase thoroughly!

Ready to make a purchase? Call me today and let’s see some homes tomorrow! 949.525.5905

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