I look at a lot of homes and a lot of historical values, and I thought it would be interesting to share some of that info. I chose a three bedroom, two bath, 1,300sf  single level home in Mission Viejo that was built in 1974. I don’t have the original sold price in 1974, but I know these went for between $50,000 and $60,000 when first built (I will highlight other homes in other cities in future posts). Here is the sales history as pulled from Orange County Public Records:

  • 1983 sold for $110,000
  • 1991 sold for $208,000
  • 1999 sold for $253,000
  • 2000 sold for $251,000
  • 2010 sold for $500,000

One can immediately gather that, in the past, home prices have gone up although not always at a consistent rate. There will almost always be market fluctuations which is why a home should be considered a long-term investment. And you can see in the long term, a home like this was a good investment. Want to see home price history of a home like yours? Call me at 949.525.5905.

Posted by Jackie Gibbins

I live and work in Mission Viejo as a Real Estate Agent. Born in Santa Monica, CA and grew up in Westminster and Huntington Beach. Middle child of five and mother to two awesome sons, now grown. An artist, nature lover, observer, geek and people person, I love the area, love what I do and enjoy sharing any info and insights so others can find their dream as well.

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