Go Ahead…Be Afraid…But Don’t Let That Stop You

Halloween is coming up, put that is not the “fear” I am speaking of.

I come from a long line of farmers and entrepreneurs. My own father never graduated from high school, but he still had his own business. He took many leaps of faith in his life as did many of my other ancestors. If there is one thing he and the others have taught me, that is to go ahead and be afraid but to not let thaSUnriset stop you from doing that which is hard or going where others don’t want to go.

In other words…take the lead and/or take the leap. Make your own way and make your own life.  Not only will you discover new places in the outer and the inner world and perhaps benefit yourself by doing so, but you will help open new doors and new territory for others.

My dad’s leap helped me. I hope my leaps help my kids.

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