Just Trying to Help

I interact with a lot of folks who are trying to navigate the current real estate market on their own. I agree that the buyer or seller should educate themselves by seeing what is currently available and what has currently sold, but in the real estate Elegant Homeenvironment in which we find ourselves here in Southern California, buying and/or selling is not so simple.

Inventory of decent properties is low but getting slightly better, short sales are still an ever-evolving scenario and getting an offer accepted and getting into escrow can take writing several offers and a few months of dedicated time and energy. And then you need to get your loan. A whole other ball of wax.

Sellers are faced with educated and picky buyers, and they need to display their product (their home) at its best advantage OR price it very competitively to get it sold.

And guess what….I am on your side!  I have the knowledge (as do many experienced agents) to help a buyer and inform them of their options, help educate them and then guide them through the process. To advocate for them to close the deal.  I can also assist a seller with marketing their home to its best potential and then help them to choose the best offer and best buyer to work with.

Buyers and sellers are smarter these days, and they need a smarter agent who can go above and beyond the norm to help them achieve their goals. That’s where I can help. Call me for a confidential appointment to discuss your real estate needs. Even if you are not quite ready to buy or sell, we can have a strategy session and lay out a road map to a successful transaction. 949.525.5905

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