Home Improvements That Don’t Always Pay Off

I work with a lot of buyers, and I get a lot of feedback from them about what they value as well as what they don’t. Here are a few of their DON’TS:

1) A swimming pool is not always attractive. It can be too big, too small, out of date, etc. Pools are costly to maintain, and in these cost-conscious times, a pool is not high on a buyer’s list, and it can also bring DOWN the value of the home in certain instances.

2) Too many improvements! I have seen some lovely homes that have been highly upgraded, and the seller will ask top dollar for their property, but oftentimes it is overpriced or overbuilt for the neighborhood. Before you add on or upgrade, make sure you keep it in line with what others have done in the area unless you are planning to stay in your home for many years.

3) Elaborate home offices or media rooms. Perhaps these appeal to just the right buyer, but most of the time they do not. Most buyers will see a room they need to change, and this means time and money to them. So rather than adding value, these specific rooms will subtract from the value of the property in the eye of they buyer.

4) Elaborate landscaping can be gorgeous, but the seller will usually not see a return on this investment. It can, though, get the buyer into the home and perhaps sell the home quicker.

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