Be Luckier in Life!

I was just reading about how one’s attitude can increase the “luck” one experiences in life. It was based on data gathered from volunteers over a ten-year period. Here is what the researchers found:

1) Open Your Mind! keep an eye out for opportunities rather than just exactly what you are looking for. In my own life, I am an artist, and while following the directions on how to prepare a board to receive pastel paint, it did not turn out right. A mistake! It was nothing like the example! Nonetheless, I forged ahead with my mistake and used the board anyway. My paintings came out awesome and I won awards with them.

2) Relish the Upside! or look on the bright side. Again, in my own life, I have a client who is a pilot. He is buying his first home. Making this first purchase is stressful, but he puts it all into perspective that he could have a burned out engine.  Constantly worrying about what could have happened or how unlucky you were to be in a specific situation rather than realizing things could have been worse increases anguish and decreases happiness.

3) Learn to be Lucky! This calls for you to adjust your attitude and your thinking. Apply ideas one and two in your life and break out of your routine. Again,take my homebuyer example. Oftentimes they will lose out on a home they really loved, but without fail, they will find one even better than the one they thought was their dream home. They were lucky! I encourage them to adopt the attitude that perhaps the property they lost was not actually their dream home, and that their dream home is right around the corner. Or again in my own life when I had to hurry and find a dress, and the only store I could access was a bargain basement shop where I had never shopped. I took the attitude of  “let’s try something new” instead of ‘I won’t find anything!”. I searched and quickly found a lovely dress that fit very well and was insanely inexpensive! I get compliments on it all the time. Needless to say, I went back to bargain basement and found another perfect dress at an awesome price!! So lucky!!

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