Simple Pleasures

Buyers tastes change all the time, and what buyers used to want, may be out of fashion now.  Media rooms and other “living large” rooms are not what today’s buyers are seeking or are willing to pay a premium for.  A nicely upgraded kitchen and bath are still sat the top of the list, but now efficiencies and natural surfaces are “in”.  By efficient, I mean floor plans that make the best use of space, energy efficient windows, plenty of storage space, etc.  Wood and stone facades are more attractive than stucco or vinyl siding to buyers.  Wood or tile/stone flooring is more desirable than wall to wall carpeting.  Buyers are placing a higher value on and are getting “back to the basics”.  If you are planning to sell and are looking to update your home to make it more sell-able, keep these new “must haves” in mind to get the best return on your investment dollar.

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