For the Love of Home

I talk to a lot of buyers, and it seems that the main focus is on “price” and “getting a deal” these days. Not surprising given the state of the economy.  And I wholeheartedly agree that one should keep price and budget in mind when buying a property, especially one wherein you intend to live for a while.  But have we lost sight of “home” and what makes a home? cutehouse02

I did not get into real estate and land development for the money; I have an inherent love of the land. I love the feel of home. I love to see that recognition of “home” when a buyer walks into a property and instantly knows that this is “the one”.  And ‘home” means something different to everyone.

Someone may object to road noise, but for others it reminds them of their childhood home or makes them feel like they are part of the city and the community. Some people like large expansive lots and others just want a cozy low-maintenance patio. Some people desire spa and hotel-like amenities in the residence while others just need a place to sleep and a snug family room with a fireplace.  Some need to be a little further from the city amidst the rolling foothills, and others need to be able to walk to all the shopping and entertainment to feel at home.

So what means home to you? Beyond price? What are you willing to spend your hard-earned money on month after month? Is the knowledge of a great deal the overall driving factor or is a school within walking distance number one? What about enough bedrooms or a nice yard or a great view or room to grow or an area you grew up in or close to family or close to hospitals, etc. etc. ? A home is a commitment that is not easy to get out of, so you better love it for what it has to offer and not just for how “affordable” it is.

I was recently showing a property to a young couple who actually grew up just a few doors down from the home. You could see the flood of memories of home and love in the young man’s eyes and an excitment in his demeanor and the way he spoke. He could see himself living there and being happy. He seemed willing to maybe stretch his budget to buy that “home” feeling. The home may cost him “X” amount but that “home” feeling is priceless and a bargain at “X”!

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