Advice from My CPA

I recently went to have my taxes preapred, and the discussion turned to the state of the housing market here in South Orange County. She, herself, was wishing she could take advantage of the good deals out there, but her husband did not want to move. She did tell me, though, that she was advising her clients who were thinking of buying that they should do so before the end of November of this year, and that they should start looking soon. She says that they need to take advanatge of the government incentives and the low prices and low interest rates. She ascertains that this may be the bottom we have all been waiting for in the local housing market. She feels that within about 5 years we will be back to what prices were at their peak in 2006, and that the biggest price percentage gains will be at the start of the turnaround. So if you are thinking of buying, please consult your CPA to get their advice and guidance on the benefits and advantages of purchasing a home this summer. And then call me! 949.525.5905

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