Good Times for First Time Buyers

For certain Buyers it is time to get active.  I am saying to anyone and everyone that will listen.  FIRST TIME BUYERS THIS IS YOUR TIME!  The federal government is still offering a $7,500 tax credit that is scheduled to conclude in the summer of 2009.  Prices and interest rates are down.  If you are employed and credit worthy you can buy with a small amount of cash out of pocket.  FIRST TIME BUYERS THIS IS YOUR TIME!

Another group that I am encouraging to buy now is investors of residential rental property.  Investors still have to do their investment analysis.  They still have to carefully look at occupancy and vacancy rates.  In other words, investors have to make smart, calculated buying decisions.  This is always the case.

The reason it is a good time for these investors is because the market is soft.  As long as there has not been a population exodus in your community, that is, as long as people are choosing to live in your community and employment is stable, the rental property is going to sustain value.  At the same time market conditions right now, with more challenging underwriting standards and only those who really need to sell putting their property on the market creates the opportunity all investors are looking for, buy low, particularly those with some cash.

Want me to send you a list of good buys or good investment properties? Call me at 949.525.5905 or email me today!

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