When dealing with so many people in the real estate industry, it is, ultimately, all about relationships. Relationships with your clients, with other agents, etc. It’s about relating to people in different ways. It’s about trust, communication, courtesy and respect. I genuinely like my clients and enjoy helping them, and this helps them to relax and enjoy the process of buying and selling. With other agents, I know we can learn from each other and ultimately support each other in business.

There are even relationships with properties. I was recently showing properties to one of my clients, and she told me that she liked the home, but she didn’t love it. She didn’t have the right relationship with it. I have discovered that, most often, a buyer will instantly fall in love with a home, and that will be it. It will click with them in some way, feel right, look just right, etc. It feels real good to be in on that first meeting!

Jackie Gibbins

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