A Busy Week

Is it really a buyer’s market? Here in South Orange County where I do most of my business, my buyers and I, right now, this week, are experiencing going up against multiple offers when bidding on properties for sale. Some are bank-owned and some are not. What they have in common is that they are very well-priced for their location and condition. They truly stand out from the rest. But we take heart in the fact that more will be coming on the market as Spring slips into Summer and more bank-owned homes are sure to come on the market. When they do, we will be ready, as will the dozens of other buyers all looking for the same well-priced property. My advice to sellers? There are BUYERS out there! Get them in your home with an attractive price tag while they are in the buying mood! Don’t let the banks have all the fun!

Jackie Gibbins, First Team Real Estate, 949.525.5905

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